Lecture 24 - Lecture24 29/04/201010:32:00

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Lecture 24 29/04/2010 10:32:00 Schools as Context for Adolescent Development How the structure of school relates to academic achievement and cognitive  development o Size of school and classes o Tracking  o Racial composition of school o Gender composition of school o School climate o Teaching styles  Schools How schools are related to development on other domains (social  development) o Identity  o Autonomy o Intimacy How schools are related to the social transitions to adult roles Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development Underlying factors contributing to many problems in adolescents: o Academic difficulty – school failure o Absence of caring adult Schools can be part of the solution Research on How School Structure is Related to Adolescent Development  2002 report from the Center for Adolescent Health and Development,  University of Minnesota
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Lecture 24 - Lecture24 29/04/201010:32:00

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