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Nicholas Ramos DSOC 1101 Section 211 TA: Daniel Lumonya Peer Review of Adam Silver’s Paper In this essay, Adam suggests that structural unemployment, according to David Simon, is entrenched by legislative and police activity to a degree in which an economic system cycle is created. Based on the evidence provided about the effects it would have on the crime and poverty rates in the area, the American government and police force could provide the answer. He also claims that the media does not correctly list the data, in fear of being called socialist. Adam uses key references made by David Simon about the drug addicts in society and their self-conflicting problems about existence, as well as the way certain government officials are promoted to a higher level of authority in a corrupt and unfair manner. He also shows how an experimental test that can help with the decriminalization of drugs in cities.
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Unformatted text preview: Adam’s other key elements are evidence of the deterrence of social mobility in such areas like the government and the restriction of the newspapers. I believe that Adam clearly identifies and evaluates the key elements of the argument in terms of logical consistency and plausibility. I believe this argument is very well rounded. There are supporting evidence of our current society having examples of this structural unemployment. I believe the only problem with this article is that it could use a little more analysis about the media and the sotic aspect of it. I also believe that a better conclusion could be helpful, but not really a necessity. Overall, this essay is very persuasive and has plenty of reasoning and evidence to back up its claims....
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