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Readings for Week 16

Readings for Week 16 - need to have a spiritual anchor...

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Nicholas Ramos DSOC 1101 Daniel Lumonya October 21, 2010 Readings for Week 16 I did my analysis on the article, “Muslim Self-Identities after 9/11” in Adler & Adler. According to Lori Peek, religion is not a considered a major factor in children’s life until they are older, particularly when then enter college. During their lifespan, the idea of religion can be classified into three different ways that they are seen: Religion as ascribed identity, religion as chosen identity, and religion as declared identity. As Muslim Americans grew and developed, many began seeing their religion as more of an identity and began publicly affirming their religious beliefs. It was thought that after the 9/11 attacks, Muslim Americans would become scared and hide their religious values. However, it appeared from the interviews conducted that many individuals began increasing their involvement and affiliation with their religion. They felt the
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Unformatted text preview: need to have a spiritual anchor after the 9/11 tragedies and find meaning to why these things occurred. I believe this reading does illustrate the importance of religion as a way for individuals to express their identities. However, it shows that a religious identity is built upon over time and that it involves being open-minded. Muslim Americans see their religious identity as being self-aware of one’s choices and reflecting on one’s character and acknowledging others. I believe that begin religious reflects who you are as a person, but it does not associate you with a group. I feel that when someone has a religious identity, it affects the choices they make as an individual but not to a degree at a young age. Nor does being part of an extremely large population of people affect individual choice....
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