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Sociology Outline
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Nicholas Ramos TA: Daniel Lumonya (sec 211) 10/21/2010 Sociology Outline QUESTION#1 According to a paper written by Professor Hirschl and two co-authors, religious interpretation of society is wide spread in the United States, and has effects on Presidential voter choice. In another (required) paper about Muslims residing in the United States, Lori Peek argues that religious identification is characterized by definite stages of development. a) What are the stages of self-identification that Peek describes? Approximately what percent of Americans self-identify with a religion? - Three stages: a c d - 90% = higher power (1/3 rely for strength), 60% = God, 80% = life after death (70% = heaven, 60% = hell) b) What is Professor Hirschl & co-authors’ theoretical rationale for connecting religious self- identification to political behavior within the United States? Do the Presidential voter choice data support, or not support, their theory? - Protestants (including Baptists), Catholics, and others to vote Republican increases with income
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