202lecture01 - 1 Welcome to Physics 202 Welcome to Physics...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Welcome to Physics 202 Welcome to Physics 202 Today s Topics The Physics 202 Team Course Formality and Overview Ch. 23-I: Electric Charge, Coulomb's Law Text: Serway and Jewett, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 6th ed. Physics 202 Homepage http://www.icecube.wisc.edu/~karle/courses/phys202/ ( linked from http://www.physics. wisc . edu/undergrads/undergrad .html ) Physics 202 Team Faculty (lectures): Prof. Albrecht Karle albrecht.karle@icecube.wisc.edu Prof. Lisa Everett leverett@wisc.edu Teaching Assistants (labs, discussion): Shusaku Horibe horibe@wisc.edu Andrew Long ajlong@wisc.edu Jason McCuistion mccuistion@wisc.edu Mike Phillips mphillips4@wisc.edu Alex Stuart ajstuart@wisc.edu Dongxu Wang dwang7@wisc.edu Ming Yang ymyang@wisc.edu Stephen Yip ssyip@wisc.edu 2 Physics 202 Course Composition Lectures: TR 1:20pm (Lec. 1), 2:25pm (Lec. 2) Honors: 12:05pm (w/ Physics 208) Labs: mandatory! Each missing lab = - 0.5 grade pt. Discussion Sections Exams : 3 midterms + final exam Homework: ~10 problems/week, web-based Online homework system: WebAssign Located at: https://www. webassign .net/login.html (also linked from course homepage) Username: your username@wisc.edu (not email address) Initial password: student ID Exams and E xam Policy Word problems, partial credit given Exam Dates Midterms: Exam 1: Oct 1, (Ch. 23-26.3) Exam 2: Oct 29 (Ch. 26.4-30) Exam 3: Nov 26 (Chapters 31-33, 16,18)...
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202lecture01 - 1 Welcome to Physics 202 Welcome to Physics...

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