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Psych101-sept14 - goal is i.e physician Goldberger was sent...

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Psych101-September 14 2 motivating forces: Love & Work we’re obsessed with how we do things instead of why -Psychology started in 1879 What makes Psych difficult to study? 1. complexity Is it possible for one human brain to understand the whole human system? NO. 2. Ethical Concerns consequentialism -if ends seem noble enough then they justify the needs Deontological -never use another human being to provide means to your end no matter how noble your
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Unformatted text preview: goal is i.e. physician Goldberger was sent to figure out how pellagra was caught. He and his wife did tests on themselves , not others. 3. Psychophobia- fear what we might discover about ourselves-we explore the exterior of our lives but are hesitant to study the interior of our lives Must acknowledge the dark side and integrate it into our personality in order to live a full life. 1.confidential 2.discomfort 3.deception 18:44 18:44...
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