aer205_q1_2006 - AER205F (2006) Quiz 1 Surname: Given Name:...

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AER205F (2006) Quiz 1 Surname: Given Name: Student Number: AER205F Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena Quiz 1 October 6,2006 9: 10 AM to 10:OO AM Instructions: 1. Closed book. 2. Non-programmable calculators allowed. 3. Answer all questions. 4. Do all work on these sheets. Formulas: Fick's Law of Diffusion: NA, = -CD% + yA(C Nir) dT Fourier's Law of Heat Conduction: q, = -kz Problem 1 Marks Earned (
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AER205F (2006) Quiz I 2 Problem 1 - 10 marks A reaction between hydrogen (H2)and tungsten hexafluoride (WFs) gases occur to form hydrogen fluoride gas (HF) and deposit a thin layer of solid tungsten (W) on a silicon substrate. Inert helium (He) is also in the gas mixture. What is Fick's Law for the absolute flux of hydrogen fluoride from the surface, IV~~,Z? - - CQ 2 - Marks dyn~ ~HG 2 - (, - .+ YHF) - dt A chemical species "A is soluble in X (a liquid), Y (a solid) and Z (a liquid). Experiments show that at equilibrium, the concentrations of "A" in X, Y and Z are 10 mg/mL, 1 mg/mL and 5 rng/mL, respectively. In the two experiments shown below, a slab of Y is sandwiched between X and Z, hoth of which are king stirred. The concentrations of "A" in the bulk of X and Z are maintained at the values shown for the duration of the experiments. Sketch the concentration
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aer205_q1_2006 - AER205F (2006) Quiz 1 Surname: Given Name:...

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