200405M1 - 202(02) ECONOMTCS Version 2 Friday,May 28,2OO4...

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ECONOMTCS 202(02) Version 2 Friday, May 28,2OO4 11:30 - l2:2O p.m, INSTRUCTIONS 1. Use onty a pencil on the computer card and be sure to fill in the circle completety. If you change your mind, erase the circle completely Z. On the computer card PRINT your name and ID nurnber 3. Fill in the numbers for your ID number under the written number 4. Dont fitl in the section number column 5. ptace the test version number in the card number section. (If you are writing version 2 of the test write 002 section) O. Write the colour of your test paper in the upper right hand corner of the computer card (See example of computer card that has already been filled in below) 7. Hand in the computer card and the test paper. Remember to write your name on the test paper. g. The test consists of Part A: 20 multiple choice questions, and Part B: Essay, spread over 5 pages 9. You have 50 minutes to complete the test 10. Good Luck! 11 . TEsr Paer0 IH. Jrr" o o; . ' , 'o"o* : f/AN, ArrrEeus 4rE €r lrsv. f--;G-l ltrHmgl HrE_ I I ::ffi- i665aaaE6i i€9cl9qalf i .**.".DrE.dr''s€€,te lEEttttttl L::" lEEElEEEll*- .1.acne+sia n r Mrkod.,rrn'brh. .ffrir ze ej ee O lF iiF q F F Fl*ffi"* lg g glg g gl nrrronrrx rT ! - lrns srnc xE t|?d€trf,ffi ,- ffifbrl. WtLaru r;l3a,aaAit @q.r,lt 1999q9Eiil l999l9g!h-._- .fr,ffi-*' :; d'Er. ; IEFEEEEEEI L#- |!EA|!EEII m---g=a€-.r- 'ffi*Hrre*ronr' .eoTre fIEEEEEEEI lEEEfSSEfl.-,, - tT {u. Afr wn rctnl ytltsr;er az reeBgB rtseeo€"1:r€9€99 9q999'9Q99Q'qqt{ltg't?Etqg99 ;65,555 ;;6a665 ;5aea5 ;64565 .'5i€€a .'eqqae "eQg9? ;65e56 ;64€65 ;65605 ;saE9a 'qa€Ea ll03€93 oetg9! r i55565 ;;64€68 ;5-655 "5iE€F '9a€9e geeg9? ;5566i ;ieiFES ;caeFe .EiFF- n6-66. "6-Fe3 ::ttttS a65edi 'rei€06 :r00€ec r€€90f .r9!€9! 'qQQq ;65555 ;;6565E ;6556d t64565 .;da6ai uFi€96 llees99 r 165555 ;;55566 ;;5-5i5 nddEaS ;iSaEEa 'QiFi€ ne0eQl '. ;55555 ;;65666 ;d5666 ;.65564 ;6aEee 116-9Qi ne0e99 ';656;5 ;5566E ;6565E '6-55i ;464565 ''e5€ee "84€Bo o e e e o e o e e 0000@a eeoaae 0 e c.c e 0 e0eee9 fo00ee e0g0ee 0.0 0 0 0 0 eeee0e 00009e lo le e e g @ 0 e a o@ c@ ge ee e9 e0 90 o e e o 0 a e 0 e e e 0 o @ I o 0 e I g e e o e e e e e .9 @ g o !ttrrrtitlrtttrttttttttlltltttttllllllillltlllllllll J____
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PART A: Multiple Choice: Choose the best alternative (2 marks each; no penalty marking) 1. Supposethat in 1998 Freedonia had GDP equal to 2000 million,
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200405M1 - 202(02) ECONOMTCS Version 2 Friday,May 28,2OO4...

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