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Syllabus_Spring10 - Economics 125 Demographic Analysis and...

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Economics 125 – Demographic Analysis and Forecasting, Spring 2010 Location/Time Center Hall, Room 109; T/TH 3:30 pm – 4:50 pm Instructor Jeff Tayman Email: [email protected] Office Location/Hours Economics Annex #103; T/TH 2:10 pm – 3:10 pm Map of office location at the end of the syllabus Class Web Site webct.ucsd.edu Teaching Assistants Kelly Paulson, Econ #113; Wed 11:00 am – 1:00 am Email: [email protected], Course Objectives This course is designed to teach you the foundations of demographic analysis and forecasting. You will learn: (1) the terminology, methods, and practical guidance needed to create, evaluate, interpret, and use forecasts; (2) fundamental demographic concepts including population size, composition, and change; (3) the measurement, and interpretation of trends and patterns in fertility, mortality, and migration; (4) key relationships between economic and demographic process; and (5) the implications of demographic changes for the social security system. Required Readings 1. Stanley K. Smith, Jeff Tayman, & David A. Swanson (2001). State and Local Population Projections: Methodology and Analysis . New York, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. 2. Articles/Internet links on Electronic Reserve and the course Web page (see page 6 of syllabus). Academic Integrity Students found to have violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship will face administrative sanctions imposed by their college Dean of Student Affairs and academic sanctions imposed by me. Administrative sanctions can range from disciplinary probation to suspension and dismissal from the university; those are not at my discretion. Academic sanctions can range from 0 points on an assignment to an F in the class. If you have any questions about academic integrity policy, call (858)-822-2163 or visit the Website (http://www.ucsd.edu/current-students/_organizations/academic-integrity-office/).
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Course Assessment Problem Sets — There are seven problem sets. All assignments can be done with an electronic spreadsheet. (Microsoft Excel is available in the computer lab). Inputs to the assignments are on the class Website in the Folder labeled Assignment/Inputs. The URL http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/index.html is a link to an Excel tutorial. Research Paper — A research paper is required (details on page 7-8 of the syllabus). Exams — There is one mid-term exam and a final exam. The final exam is not cumulative . If you miss the mid-term because of a compelling and fully documented medical excuse or family emergency, your Final will count for 50% of your grade instead of 33%. Missing the midterm for any other reason will result in zero points. There will be no alternate date/time for the final exam. A make-up final will be given in case of a fully documented medical excuse or family emergency. Pop Quizzes
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Syllabus_Spring10 - Economics 125 Demographic Analysis and...

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