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Research Paper B. Beergmann. 2005. Could social security go broke? The Economist Voice, 2(1): Article 10. (On class Website ) M. Boskin. 2005. Straight talk on social security. The Economist Voice, 2(1): Article 11. (On class Website ) J. Calmes. 2005. How social security might change. The Wall Street Journal. P. Diamond and P. Orszag. 2005. Social security: The Diamond-Orszag plan. The Economist Voice, 2(1): Article 8. (On class Website ) R. Lee, M. Andersen, and S. Tuljapurkar. 2003. Stochastic forecasts of the social security trust fund. D. Myers. 2007. Testimony before the House Committee on the Judiciary Ellis Island New York
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Unformatted text preview: and New Jersey. (On class Website ) J. Siegel. 2002. Demographic aspects of selected public policy issues, pp 595-605 in Applied Demography: Applications to Business Government, Law, and Public Policy . Academic Press, San Diego, CA (On class Website) Social Security Administration (SSA). 2009. OASDI Trustees Report (Sections I, II, and V.A, V.B, and VI.E). R. Weaver. 2008. Bridging the Social Security Divide: Lessons from Abroad. Brooking Policy Brief # 166
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