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ECON 125 EXAM 1 Answer Key- Spring 2010 True or False (Circle the Correct Answer)—1 point each 1. T F During the 20 th century the mortality rate for ages 0-1 declined more than the mortality rate for ages 74-75. 2. T F According to Easterlin’s theory, material aspirations are based on a person’s current income. 3. T F A population growing at 4% per year will double in size 25 years. 4. T F The overall level of net migration is determined last in a bottom-up model. 5. T F An immigrant is a person who permanently moves out of his or her country. 6. T F Assuming the same mortality and migration assumptions, a population projection with TFR of 2.5 will have a lower median age compared to a projection with a TFR of 1.7. 7. T F Gross migration data are directly comparable for different time intervals (e.g., migration over a 1-year period versus a 5-year period). 8. T F The child-woman ratio is influenced by mortality and migration. 9. T F A sex ratio of 106 means there are six percent more females than males. 10. T F Stable population theory suggests that under a fixed set of mortality and fertility rates and in the absence of migration, a population will eventually reach and maintain a zero growth rate.
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Fill in the Blank I—2 points each 11. The Synthetic approach for projecting mortality rates assumes the local mortality rates will follow the pattern of change in the model population rates. 12. The Demographic Balancing or Balancing (1 pt) equation specifies the population change as a function of births, deaths, and migration. 13. A
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Exam1_Econ125_S10_Key - ECON 125 EXAM 1 Answer Key- Spring...

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