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5200Term - EE 5200 Term Project(updated Oct 1 2010 Fall...

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EE 5200 Term Project (updated: Oct 1, 2010) Fall 2010 A term project shall be done in lieu of a final exam. The project you choose: - must be of topical interest, and relate to course material of EE5200. - must be new work (not copied from your previous courses or a past student’s project). - must demonstrate a graduate student level of mastery and application of the related concepts and theories. [Note: this is not simply a term paper, but a project .] - is sufficiently researched (referenced) and documented, and also includes the in-depth analysis and evaluation of the concepts of the most key journal paper related to this work. - length of body of report: approximately 10 pages of text (not including figures, tables, or equations). All writing is your own original writing. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited! Time line and required submissions are as follows, all deliverables contribute to the grade of your term project, i.e. 15% of your course grade. Approximate schedule is: - Week 6 (Friday): submit short e-mail with idea(s) requesting instructor feedback.
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