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Biological Statistics I Biometry 3010 / Natural Resources 3130 / Statistical Science 2200 Homework 4 Name: Beverly Anderson Section: 2 Date: 7 October 2010 This week’s homework is based upon the data below which are available on the course website ( scrubber.csv ). (Note that it has a header and is comma delimited.) The search for alternatives to oil as a major source of fuel and energy will inevitably bring about many environmental challenges. These challenges will require solutions to problems in such areas a strip mining and many others. Let us focus on one. If coal is considered as a major source of fuel and energy, we will have to consider ways to keep large amounts of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulates from getting into the air. This is especially important at large government and industrial operations. One possibility for keeping the air clean is to remove the SO2 from the gases after the coal is burned but before the gases are released into the atmosphere. This is accomplished by using a scrubber. A new type of scrubber has been recently constructed and is set for testing at a power plant. Over a 15-day period, samples are obtained three times a day at equally spaced intervals (6:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 10:00 PM) from the gases emitted from the stack. This is effectively a systematic sample. The amounts of SO2 emissions (in pounds per million BTU) are given in the file scrubber.csv (and below). Import this data from the file scrubber.csv into R and do the following analysis. Note that the data are comma delimited and have a header, so use the appropriate commands to import the file and then check to see it looks right in on the R console. The data are identified by day and time of sample. RowNames
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AndersonB_Sec2_HW4 - Biological Statistics I Biometry 3010...

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