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Biological Statistics I Biometry 3010 / Natural Resources 3130 / Statistical Science 2200 Homework 5 Name: Beverly Anderson Section: 2 Date: 14 October 2010 In an effort to link cold environments with hypertension in humans, a preliminary experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of cold on hypertension in rats. Two random samples of 6 rats each were exposed to different environments. One sample of rats was held in a normal environment at 26 o C. The other sample was held in a cold 5 o C environment. Blood pressures and heart rates were measured for rats for both groups. The blood pressures for the 12 rats are show in the table below. The data are contained in the file RatBP.csv . 26 o C 5 o C Rat Blood Pressure Rat Blood Pressure 1 152 7 384 2 157 8 369 3 179 9 354 4 182 10 375 5 176 11 366 6 149 12 423 data.26C = RatBP[1:6,3] data.5C  = RatBP[7:12,3] We wish to test the hypothesis that mean blood pressure level in rats is not different in the two environments. In other words: C C A C C H H 5 26 5 26 0 : : μ = Note that this formulation is a two-sided hypothesis test, so we should explore it using the standard methods discussed thus far in class. Please conduct an analysis of this data by addressing the following questions. 1.
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AndersonB_Sec2_HW5 - Biological Statistics I Biometry 3010...

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