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Dear Christos - Dear Christos Happy birthday Eighteen is...

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Dear Christos: Happy birthday! Eighteen is probably like the greatest age ever. There’s no doubt in my mind you’ll have an amazing year. Having fun buying ciggs, going to strip clubs, adopting kids, being tried as an adult in the judicial system, renting porn, receiving the death penalty, and getting a mortgage. Jealous. So, sorry I’m typing this. I’m sure a hand written letter would be much more sentimental, but you know me by now. I want everything to be perfect, and this way I can sensor and edit every word before you actually read it. Can you believe it has only been a month? I honestly feel like I’ve known you for years. Not necessarily because we know every detail about each other, but because you know exactly what I’m thinking. There have been so many times when I haven’t said a word, and you can literally tell what’s going through my head. It’s almost scary in a way. Hiding my emotions from you is difficult. And I don’t think I’ve felt like that with anyone before. Though because of it, I’m literally 100% myself around you. We clearly
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