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Beverly M. Anderson Bruce Kornreich Cornell University Orientation 23 August 2010 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 9. The design and creation of androids represents an extreme version of the exploitation of technology in the service of human kind, and the use of the Penfield wave transmitter and the “empathy box” to demonstrate a human dependence on technology to fulfill basic needs and desires. Does Dick’s novel reject, accede to, or revel in technology? What is life? Can we, as human beings, give life an absolute definition? In the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the humans and the androids live in a common world. The advanced technology of their time makes it difficult to distinguish between the two forms of life. Yet, most humans fear the man-created android even though it required special testing to determine if someone was “real,” or “fake.” The author does not reject nor revel in technology. Rather, Dick presents the conflict between man and technology. In theory, the only difference between the human and the android was the presence of a soul. This becomes most evident when the androids have to fake their emotions in order to stay under cover. The androids can so easily blend into society that the humans begin to regard themselves as less able than their own creation. One character, Eldon Rosen, explains how the colonists wanted androids that closely resembled humans before the World War. They feared that essential humanism could be replicated by technology. Their technology was too advanced for their own minds to 1
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comprehend. Is it possible for something to have power that its creator didn’t give it? The novel makes it evident Dick believes that the only way to become comfortable with the advancement of technology is to fully embrace it. Science and Technology One of the goals of Dick's fiction is to show that  the idea of technology as passive helpmate, slave, or fantastic mistress is  unrealistic. Similarly, the opposite notion—that humanity can somehow  return to a pastoral way of life and live in an agriculturally based paradise— is naive. These two beliefs, according to Dick, actually endanger the  evolution of humankind: so long as humans are uneasy about their own  tools, or regard them as in some way mysterious, those tools will be seen  as having some innate power over mankind. In other words, regardless of  technology's fallibility, if humans regard themselves as less smart or less  able than their tools, then they will be at the mercy of their tools.  Technology will advance, regardless of what the majority of humanity feels  about that technology. Any struggle to remain the ruler or owner of new  technology will surely fail. Dick believes the only solution to human  uneasiness with technology is a wholesale acceptance of it.
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do androids dream-orientation essay - 1 Beverly M Anderson...

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