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fsw essay 4 porposal

fsw essay 4 porposal - chosen to not follow through with...

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Beverly Anderson Mr. Kibbee Shakespeare: From Stage to Screen 8 October 2010 Essay 4 Proposal I plan on writing my essay about Richard of Gloucester’s supposed destined fate to prove a villain. I will close read Richard’s opening monologue in which he actually states the he is destined to become evil. My thesis is not set in stone yet, but I was thinking about writing my paper on how his “destiny” was completely within his control. Even though Richard may want to blame his evil desires on fate, in reality, he could have
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Unformatted text preview: chosen to not follow through with these aspirations. There were several points throughout the play when he had the opportunity to change his ways or reverse some of the evil things he had already done. But instead, Richard consciously made his decisions. They may add an additional motivation, circumstances could never force anyone do anything....
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