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fsw-essay2 looking for richard - Beverly Anderson Mr....

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Beverly Anderson Mr. Kibbee Shakespeare: From Stage to Screen 10 September 2010 Looking for Richard In the film Looking for Richard , Al Pacino once said, “ A person has an opinion. It's only an opinion. It's never a question of right or wrong.” Throughout this movie, Pacino strives to makes Shakespeare’s Richard III lucid to the average American. Though along the way, it becomes very apparent that there is no right way to interpret this play. In fact, Pacino talks to several different types of people only to realize that every person has their own opinion on Shakespeare and his works. Professional actors held completely opposing opinions to those of history scholars. Pacino’s goal by making this film was to help every person develop their own personal view of Shakespeare and his works. He categorized the finalized edit as “a docudrama type thing .” Looking for Richard is a hybrid movie because it aims to teach every kind of person about Shakespeare’s true message. Pacino begins by walking the streets of New York and London and asking people about their view of Shakespeare. Most of the responses he got were negative- “it’s boring”, “it’s for the British”, “huh?” But, Pacino uses this as his motivation to create a film that can bridge the gap between Richard III and a contemporary audience. He makes it a personal goal to immerse himself into the world of Richard III. In doing so, Pacino
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fsw-essay2 looking for richard - Beverly Anderson Mr....

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