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“Equal rights to all, special privileges to none.” That is our motto. What you have just seen here is an example of the current state of over a million devastated farmers in your country. Yes, your country. The government is, in fact, depriving farmers of what rights they really deserve. My name is Leonidas Polk, president of the Farmer’s Alliance. In the 1880s, I saw the deprivation that most farmers (including myself and this one here today) were facing and saw the need for change. Farmers are the backbone of the economy, and therefore are very important. I started this Alliance after the Grange declined hoping to unite farmers as one group for the greater good. I see the need for reform because the devastated farmers seem to get no help from our country. So, let me ask you, is our country really a republic of the people if a large part of the population are farmers? No, it is not a republic at the moment. In fact, our government is
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