SCI 275 Week 1 Checkpoint - Local Enviornmental Issue

SCI 275 Week 1 Checkpoint - Local Enviornmental Issue - I...

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Unformatted text preview: I have been living in San Diego California for 10 years and I have not seen anything that I am aware of that is an environmental problem. I grew up and lived in upstate New York until I was 25 years old. In the city of Syracuse New York there is a lake on the edge of the city called Onondaga Lake. The lake is five miles long and one mile wide, from the surface of the water there is only 13 feet of water; past that it s sludge. On the north end of the lake is a salt museum that tells the history of the salt manufacturing building that the museum is now in. In the early 1800’s salt was extracted from the lake to be used for different human purposes, but as the decades went by and the industrial industry came in the lake would be used for a different purpose (dumping). On the west side of the lake in the area called Solvay a manufacturing plant purpose (dumping)....
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