SCI 275 Week 4 CheckPoint - Population Size

SCI 275 Week 4 CheckPoint - Population Size - is the...

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The Nutrias that reside in marsh land and in this video live on a mat like marsh that is 6” to 8”  thick. They have been eating all of the tall grass that grows on top of the marsh mat. Without  this tall grass it makes the mat more susceptible to breaking up. In order to keep the population  size of the nutria down hunting them for fur markets was an option. The lack of food can also  cause the population to drop. Hunting to keep the population down can be a solution to  eradicating the population growth. In the video the only thing that is affecting the population size 
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Unformatted text preview: is the obvious lack of food the nutria will soon have. After the nutria have depleted their food source in the marsh land I am confident that the nutria will migrate to another area, just as other animals move from location to location to find new food. Different species of animals have a survival instinct that will allow them to survive in times of famine, and they will do whatever it takes to obtain sustenance to survive....
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