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Find the Slope in an Equation (3)

Find the Slope in an Equation (3) - Baal-652mm D Di 1 pi...

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Unformatted text preview: Baal-652mm: D Di 1 pi: AssigmnentSmI-e: 59.4% (21.5 of 31 pis} Finti the slope, ifit exists. 3: = - 2.61): m: -2'.6'.? ('I'ypemintegeroradechnal TypeNifthe slopeisunéefined.) Enter anyr number or expression in the edit field, then click Check Answer. Findthe slopqifil exists. y=2x Tofimiflle slope ofanequatianinthe fmy=mx+b,fimifllecoefficimnofthe x—tmm. 31:2 Theslopeoftheliney=2xisl Questiun is complete. ...
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