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MAT 116 Week 4 Find the slope if it exists [3]

MAT 116 Week 4 Find the slope if it exists [3] - Exertise...

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Unformatted text preview: Exertise Score: :1. of 1 pt Assignment Score: 79% (-24.5 of 3:1. ptsJ 31 of3 Find the slope, if it exists. 9x—y25 Find the slope, if it exists. 5x-y= 13 rn= ‘9’- (Type an integer or a simplified firaction. Type N if the slope is undefined.) Question is complete. The first step in finding the slope is to write the equation in the form y=rnx+ b. In other words, solve for y. 5x — y = 13 Subtract 5X from both sides ofthe equation. , y= , 5X+ 13 Divide both sides of the equation by- 1. y = 5x - 13 “o find the slope of an equation in the form ofy=rnx+ b, find the coefficient of the X-term, rn. rn=5 ”herefore, the slope of the line y: 5x- 13, or 5x- y= 13, is 5 Question is complete. All Rants shaming "E ...
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