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Quizzes General Information During the course of the term, I will be giving five quizzes. Each quiz will be worth 25 points. Only those four quizzes with your highest scores will count towards your final grade. (And yes, if you are happy with your score on the first four quizzes, you can skip the last quiz.) This means that 100 points for your total grade (or 1/3 of your grade will be based on the quizzes). If you miss a quiz, you will earn 0 points for that quiz and you will not be allowed to make up that quiz. (Exceptions will be made only for very good excuses) You will be given a 24 hour time-frame in which to take a quiz. You may take the quiz online or you may take the quiz in class. (Obviously, most on-line students will take the quiz on-line). Quiz Content The quizzes will be short answer/short essay. You will be given information about each quiz before you are required to take it. Sample questions will be provided in discussion board on
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Unformatted text preview: blackboard. Quizzes are cumulative. I feel no qualms about requiring that you discuss material that we have gone over earlier in the term. Quiz Dates Quiz 1: The quiz will be made available from noon, August 30 th to noon, August 31 st Quiz 2: The quiz will be made available from noon, September 20 th to noon, September 21 st Quiz 3: The quiz will be made available from noon, October 20 th to noon, October 21 st Quiz 4: The quiz will be made available from noon, November 18 th to noon, November 19 th Quiz 5: The quiz will be made available from noon, December 6 th to noon, December 7 th Disclaimer I reserve the right to change this schedule. If I make a change, students will be notified by e-mail, by course announcements on blackboard (which you should be reading every day, Monday through Friday), or by an announcement in class (for the traditional classes)...
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