MGS_reviewing - Development of Life Cycle- highly...

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Development of Life Cycle- highly structured, takes longer, good for system that doesn’t change - SDLC- the development method used by most organizations today for large complex systems o Plan- define the system to be developed, set project scope, develop project plan Project scope documents- a written definition of the project scope Project plan- defines the who, what, when questions of the system development Project milestone- key dates that a certain group of activities have to be performed o Analysis- Involves the examination of the business problem that the organization plans to solve with information systems Requirements definition document- prioritizes the business requirements o Design- develop a technical blueprint of how the system will work o Develop- the translation of the design specification into computer code which becomes the actual system o Test- checks to see if the computer code will produce the expected results Syntax error- checks to see if misspelled words and misplaced commas Logic error- permit the program to run but result in incorrect output Unit test- testing a specific module System test- testing all those units together Acceptance testing- make sure end user understands how to use it o Implement- converting the old system to the new system Direct implementation- turn off the old system, use new one Pilot implementation- Use a group of employees as guinea pig to find bugs Phased implementation- used for large complex systems where you have different modules that you are replacing o Maintain- monitor system to make sure continues to meet business goals - Waterfall approach- often will return to the previous steps - System analysts- MIS people that are involved in the analysis and design of IS
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MGS_reviewing - Development of Life Cycle- highly...

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