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Answers to practice questions: 1. e. rough endoplasmic reticulum 2. c. 0 mV 3. c. negative; high K+ permeability 4. a. inc Na+ permeability (note also inc relative permeability) 5. a. overshoot 6. b. nature of the R groups lining the ion channel/hydration of ions 7. e. entry of NT into postsynaptic cell 8. d. IP3/ca++ Essay Answers should discuss these points not just make a list of channels and events (as I have done i.e. you would need to expand on the “answers” that I have below). There is no single correct answer for these questions. I want to see you put it together to explain how the neuron works. Question#1: Follow lecture 4, slide 27 as an outline (but more detail is required). Describe how ion concentrations and membrane relative permeability determine resting membrane potential; you should mention the channels that are always open (non-gated K+ channels). Describe vg Na+ channel and how they work (both activation and inactivation) Describe vg K+ channel and how they work, in particular delayed action allows
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