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STATISTICS 330 MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS SPRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Michael McIsaac MC 6150, Ext. 36010 MEET TIMES: LEC 001 11:30-12:50 TTh MC 2065 TUT 101 5:30-6:20W MC 2065 MARKING Assignments 10% SCHEME: Tests 35% Final Exam 55% OFFICE HOURS: Office hours for myself and the Teaching Assistants will be posted on the STAT 330 UW-ACE website. You may also contact me via email from the STAT 330 UW-ACE website to make an appointment. Normally I will only respond to emails sent to me from the course website. COURSE PREREQUISITES: STAT 231/241 and MATH 237/247 and therefore indirectly STAT 230/240, MATH 137/147 and MATH 138/148. It will be essential for you to review, on your own, many of the concepts and ideas that you learned in these courses. STAT 330 is a continuation of the topics you covered in STAT 230 and 231. The topics covered in STAT 330 rely heavily on the calculus you studied in MATH 137, 138 and 237. To perform well in this course it is essential that you have good calculus skills. SUPPLEMENTARY LECTURE NOTES: Supplementary Lecture Notes are available for purchase at Campus Copy, MC 2018 and on the STAT 330 UW-ACE website in the Content folder. These notes are designed to complement, not substitute for, lectures. These notes will be used in every lecture. REFERENCE TEXTS: Copies of Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Second Edition, by L. J. Bain and M. Englehardt [UWD 1698] and copies of Introduction to Mathematical Statistics , Fifth Edition, by R. V. Hogg, J. W. Mckean and A. T. Craig [UWD 1694] are on Reserve in the Davis Centre Library. A copy of each book is also on reserve in the
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course MATHEMATIC stats taught by Professor Various during the Spring '10 term at Waterloo.

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