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Astronomy 1400 Review for Test 1

Astronomy 1400 Review for Test 1 - Astronomy 1400 Review...

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Astronomy 1400 Review for Test 1 Please make sure you Know the material we have covered in class . Know about any current space missions that we discussed in class carefully read each chapter study the “ summary of key concepts ” at the end of each chapter. The following is a review of the material discussed in class. All questions can be answered in a few words or sentences. All of these questions were answered in class or are in the text. If you need help with a particular question I will be happy to help provided you first make a significant EFFORT to answer the question on your own. Please bring an orange scantron and #2 pencil to the test. You will not need a calculator. All of this material will not be covered on Test 1: the extent of coverage will be announced in class. What is not covered on test 1 will be covered on test 2. Chapter 1 1. What is our comic address in order of increasing size? Where is the Sun in the Milky Way? 2. How many galaxies are in our local group? Are all the galaxies in our local group travelling away from each other? Which galaxy in our local group is the largest? 3. About how many stars are in our galaxy? 4. How are heavier elements (than is, elements heavier than Lithium) produced? In what sense are we then made of “star stuff”? Following this line of thought, why do scientists think the Universe was lifeless for at least about 2 billion years? 5. What do we mean by the “observable Universe”? Can we see the actual edge of our universe and consequently know exactly how big it is? 6. About how old is the universe? 7. Define galaxy, and solar system. 8. If we scale the history of the universe into one year, when did the Milky Way form? Earth? When did the dinosaurs become extinct? When did human civilization occur?
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9. Define light year, astronomical unit, and parsec. Which is largest? Smallest? 10. What is the speed of light in free space (that is a vacuum)? 11.How long does it take light to travel a distance of one AU? (That is, how long does it take light to reach us from the time it left the sun?) 12. How long does it take light to travel from our nearest star (other than the Sun) to Earth? 13.How long does it take light to travel from the Andromeda Galaxy to Earth? Do we see the Andromeda Galaxy as it is today or as it was in the past? How long ago in the past? 14. Is it possible for us to actually see how our Universe was in the past? Why?
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