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History 101.01 Fall Semester Syllabus 2010 (1)

History 101.01 Fall Semester Syllabus 2010 (1) - The...

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The University of Findlay College of Liberal Arts Fall Semester 2010 The Mission of the University is to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers. Course Number/Title : HIST 101.01 Introduction to History Credit Hours : 3 Credit Hours Class Time/Place : Tuesday and Thursday. 2:00-3:15 P.M. Brewer Building- Room 109 Prerequisites : None Instructor : James Taylor Phone: (419) 273-2141 308 Wells Road E-mail: [email protected] Forest, OH 45843 Office Hours : Leave a message in my mailbox located in the Davis Education Building at 300 Davis Street. Course Description The course offers an introduction to historical methodologies, historiography ("the history of history"), and the various branches (i.e., political, intellectual, social, etc.) of history. Relationship to the Conceptual Framework The course is designed to link with History Major/Minor, General Education, and Education Standards. Course Objectives 1. The course is designed to teach students to think historically, understand primary source investigation, and to be exposed to the major schools of historical thought. 2. Students will learn to think historically. They will learn to frame good historical questions, understand the importance of historical context, and practice detecting the biases and assumptions in each document or artifact. 3. Students will learn to distinguish between, appreciate, and comprehend various types of historical writing . (such as primary and secondary documents, textbooks, oral histories, objects of material culture, film, and photography) 1
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General Education Learning Outcomes Addressed Overarching Goal A: Students will demonstrate and apply abilities of abstract inquiry, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. X Overarching Goal B: Students will communicate effectively in academic and professional environments using written, verbal, and digital media. X Overarching Goal C (select one) C1: Students will show understanding of a variety of religious, ethical, and philosophical perspectives. C2: Students will employ a variety of historical and global perspectives to analyze the events of human society in the past, present, and future. __________________________________________________________ C3: Students will demonstrate competence in methods and technological Applications used for scientific and analytical inquiry. __________________________________________________________ C4: Students will demonstrate means of analyzing and appreciating the fine arts, including creative work in visual media, text, music or performance, and be able to articulate personal aesthetic arguments.
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