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Asgnt 1 - Chapter 1 Homework Assignment 2010Feb02

Asgnt 1 - Chapter 1 Homework Assignment 2010Feb02 - stapled...

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Asgnt. 1 ESE 124 due in class Thursday Feb. 4, 2010 Note: for this particular assignment, there is no part that needs to be e-mailed to a TA. - Do your homework on standard size paper (8½” x 11”) - Do not use paper torn out of a notebook - any such submission will result in a grade of zero. (Some notebook pages have perforations that allow easy separation of a page from the notebook – those pages are ok.) - The sheets of your homework submission should be
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Unformatted text preview: stapled together – any submission with sheets not stapled together will result in a grade of zero- All submissions should be carefully and neatly prepared. 1. Read chapter 1 in the text. 2. Do short answer problems 1-50 on p.25ff 3. From the article we went over in class, list the 12 reasons why software projects fail so often. 4. From the same article, what is the author’s leading candidate for the next software debacle?...
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