paper2 - MAT126, Paper Homework 2 1. Let f ( x) = 1 1/x...

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Unformatted text preview: MAT126, Paper Homework 2 1. Let f ( x) = 1 1/x arctan(t) dt Find f 1 √. 2 2. A lemur rancher needs to invest in some high-tech lemur grooming machines. She determines that the machines will depreciate at a rate f (t), and the cost of keeping them in top running condition is given by another function g (t), where t is the time that the machines have been running. The cost of keeping the machines around (instead of replacing them with new ones) is given by 1t (f (t) + g (t)) dt C (t) = t0 Show the critical points of C (t) occur when C (t) = f (t) + g (t). ...
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