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Unformatted text preview: dent’s program of study, but courses taken as Credit/D/Fail shall still be considered in adjudicating requirements under those evaluations for students to be assigned academic probation standing or required to withdraw based upon percentages of courses passed or failed. Vancouver Senate Policy on Credit/D/Fail Standing page 3 (Cr/D/F) standing instead of a percentage grade. This 7) Should a student change their program of study (including adding a declared specialization therein), and a course previously taken as an elective course becomes a requirement, the new program of study may accept a Credit or D standing in place of a percentage grade. In such cases where a Credit or D standing in place of a percentage grade. In such cases where a Credit or D standing is unacceptable to the new program of study, with the consent of the student and the dean of the faculty offering the program of study, the Credit or D standing may be converted back to the originally‐assigned percentage grade. In such cases where either the student or the Faculty does not consent, the Faculty, at its discretion, may require the student to A) take the course again under its normal percentage basis (credit shall still be granted only once for the course under these circumstances), B) take another comparable course in its place, or C) not register in that program of study. 8) The student information system (SIS) will store both the Cr/D/F standing and the percentage grade received for a Cr/D/F course but the percentage grade will not be displayed or released to any party except in cases of an appeal or review of academic standing, as required by law, under section 7 of this policy, or as necessary for SIS maintenance, development, and administration. 9) An Official Transcript of Academic Record and those SIS interfaces normally available to faculty members, advisors, and administrators will display the appropriate Credit (Cr), D, or Fail (F) standing for electives taken under this policy and n...
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