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Unformatted text preview: Financial Assistance and Awards Office if they have concerns with the Type of Action: Create new section in Chapter V Policies and Regulations for the Credit/D/Fail policy Vancouver Senate Policy on Credit/D/Fail Standing page 5 financial assistance or awards implications of taking a course with Credit/D/Fail standing. Proposed Calendar Entry: Grading Practices > Standings Adjudicated Pass (J) is granted where credit is granted and the course need not be repeated although it may not normally qualify as a prerequisite for further work. (The grade assigned by the instructor is used in the calculation of averages.) … Honours (H) is granted where work exceeds course requirements, credit granted where applicable. Pass (P) or Fail (F) is granted where no grade is assigned, excluded from calculation in all averages. Pass (P) denotes satisfactory completion of the requirements of the subject; credit granted where applicable. Fail (F) denotes fail standing. Credit (Cr)/D/Fail (F) is granted where a grade is assigned by an instructor but not included on the Student’s Official transcript of Academic Record or made available by the University, instead, that grade is converted to either a Cr, D, or F standing in the course. Excluded from calculation in all averages. Unless otherwise specified by program, Credit (Cr) denotes satisfactory co...
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