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ECONOMICS MAJOR (EN 25) FRESHMEN entering FA07 and later & TRANSFER students entering FA09 and later LOWER DIVISION CORE Calculus: Math 20A/10A_____ Math 20B/10B_____ Math 20C/10C_____ Micro/Macro: Econ 1_____ Econ 3_____ UPPER DIVISION CORE Microeconomics: Econ 100A_____ Econ 100B_____ Econ 100C_____ Macroeconomics: Econ 110A_____ Econ 110B_____ Econometrics: Econ 120A_____ Econ 120B_____ Econ 120C_____ ECONOMICS ADVANCED ELECTIVES Two courses from the following: Econ 103, 104, 105, 109, 113, 119, 121, 125, 136, 141, 142, 143, 146, 147, 150, 151, 152, 155, 171, 172A, 172B, 173A, 173B, 174, 176, 178 1)_____________________________ 2)_____________________________ UPPER DIVISION ECONOMICS ELECTIVES 1)_____________________________ 2)_____________________________ 3)_____________________________
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Unformatted text preview: HONORS WITH DISTINCTION In addition to the major requirements listed above, take two additional Economics Advanced Electives 1)_____________________________ 2)_____________________________ Upper division major GPA including two additional courses above must be 3.5 or higher HONORS WITH HIGHEST DISTINCTION In addition to completing all the requirements for Honors with Distinction (listed above): • Two honors sections taken concurrently with core courses from the following: Econ 100AH, 100BH, 100CH, 110AH, 110BH, 120AH, 120BH, 120CH • Senior Essay Seminar courses Econ 191A & Econ 191B • Upper division major GPA including two additional courses must be 3.5 or higher. GPA earned from two honors sections and Econ 191A & 191B must also be 3.5 or higher....
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