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2010 Harvard Summer Economics Program ECON S-1920 Capital Markets and Investments (Preliminary as of April 26, 2010) NOTE : THIS COURSE REQUIRES PASSING A PROFICIENCY EXAM. AS SUCH, PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS SHOULD NOT ORDER COURSE MATERIALS (TEXTBOOKS, SOFTWARE) UNTIL ENROLLMENT STATUS IS ASSURED. INSTRUCTOR: Professor James Grant [email protected] MEETING TIMES: Location: TBA Monday, Wednesday: 12-3PM OFFICE HOURS: Before/after class or arranged Texts: (1) Equity Portfolio Management , Frank J. Fabozzi and James L. Grant (John Wiley & Sons) (noted as FG) (2) Foundations of Economic Value Added Second Edition , James L. Grant ( Wiley ) (noted as JG) Articles/Research papers: TBA: Selected articles keyed to lectures Financial software (used in course projects) JLG Equity Analysis template JLG Efficient Frontier template Description: ECON S-1920 provides an examination of capital markets and fundamental and quantitative models used in securities analysis and portfolio management. Course emphasis is placed on capital markets and instruments, modern portfolio theory (MPT), statistical concepts, asset pricing models, active versus passive investing, equity and fixed
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course ECON 1530 taught by Professor Blumberg during the Spring '10 term at Harvard.

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econs19202010-1 - 2010 Harvard Summer Economics Program...

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