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S-1452 Summer 2010 Syllabus-1

S-1452 Summer 2010 Syllabus-1 - 1ECON S-1452 Money...

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Course Web Site: http://courses.fas.harvard.edu/sum/31138 Professors: Bruce Watson (June 21 – July 7) [email protected] Nivine Richie (July 12 – July 28) [email protected] Class Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 – 9:30 Teaching Assistants: Chris Valois (for in-class students) Teo Nicolais (for distance students) SYLLABUS This course presents a moderately advanced overview of concepts and techniques in the fields of money, banking, and finance. It examines the agents, instruments, and institutions that make up the financial system of the modern economy, such as bonds, the stock market, derivatives, and the money market, including the role of banks in deposit and credit creation. Along the way, standard concepts and tools of financial analysis are covered, including the risk-return tradeoff (Sharpe ratio), the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), option pricing theory, and the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) and its alternatives. 1ECON S-1452 Harvard University Money, Financial Institutions, and Markets Summer, 2010
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Course Requirements Exams For students living in the six-state New England area: There will be a midterm exam during the class period on Monday, July 12 The final exam will be held from 6:30 – 9:30 PM on Monday August 2 at a location on the Harvard campus to be announced. All students living in the six-state New England area must attend these exams in person. Be sure to arrange your schedule to allow for these dates. For distance students who live outside the six-state New England area: Students in this category can take exams near where they live or work. Arrangements for all exams are made in accordance with the procedures outlined at: http://www.summer.harvard.edu/2010/courses/DistanceEd/proctor.jsp Please note that most distance students find it quite easy to arrange to take their exams where it is convenient for them. Hence, you should not let this bit of logistics deter you in any way from taking this or any other distance class. Please Note: It is your responsibility to plan your travel ahead around exam dates. In particular, the date of the final exam is determined by the Registrar and cannot be changed for any reason. Requests to take the final on a different day, including requests for a make-up final, involve a formal appeal process through the Summer School Examination Committee.
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