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s10-100CH-Syllabus - Many of the works we cover are closely...

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Syllabus Econ 100CH Spring 2010 Prof. Forbes Course Outline: We will have weekly meetings discussing assigned readings. Each meeting will be led by a team of 2-3 students who present the reading and lead the discussion. The presentation will be about 15 minutes, with the remaining time left for discussion. The presenters will make a list of discussion questions which will be posted at least 1 day before the meeting. ALL students are required to do the reading every week and to participate in the discussion. Topics: We will cover the Nobel Prize Lectures of some of the recent winners of the prize.
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Unformatted text preview: Many of the works we cover are closely related to, or even part of, the Econ 100C curriculum. Week 1 Organizational meeting Week 2 Groups meet individually Week 3 Reading: Ronald Coase Week 4 Reading: Paul Krugman Week 5 Reading: George Akerlof Week 6 Reading: Michael Spence Week 7 No meeting (100C midterm) Week 8 Reading: Joseph Stiglitz Week 9 Reading: Eric Maskin Week 10 Reading: Daniel Kahnemann Grading: 50 percent of your grade will be based on your team presentation, the remaining 50 percent will be based on in-class participation....
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