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MGT 131B HW#6 Alexander Wallin 5/24/2010 E19-2 a) Pretax Fdinancial income 350000 Excess of tax deprecitaion over book  (40,000) Rent received in advance 25000 Taxable income  335,000  b) Income Tax expense 140000 Deferred tax asset 10000 Income tax payable
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Unformatted text preview: 134,000 Deferred tax liability 16,000 c) Income tax expense 136000 Deferred liability 4000 income tax payable 130000 Deferred tax asset 10000 E19-6 A 2 G 3 B 1 H 3 C 3 I 3 D 1 J 1 E 2 K 1 F 2...
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