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AGSM MBA Community Spirit Scholarship Eligibility: AGSM Full-time MBA applicants only Status: Now OPEN for consideration – 2011 Intake (AGSM MBA Class of 2012) Description: The AGSM MBA Programs community scholarship is an internal AGSM MBA scholarship awarded each year to incoming students who can, through their experience and background, demonstrate significant community contribution or community awareness and support. This can be manifested in student involvement in NFP activities and/or participation in community, charitable or sporting organisations, clubs and societies. In addition to community involvement we are looking for students who can demonstrate good potential leadership capabilities as well as being able, through their background and achievements to date, to also add to the diversity, global perspectives and richness of our AGSM MBA full-time student class. Type: The scholarship is awarded as a partial fee waiver
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Unformatted text preview: set a various levels, based upon the strength of the individual recipients’ application. The amount of scholarship varies from $5000 to $25,000 as a tuition fee discount granted over the full duration of the program. Procedure: Application for the AGSM MBA Community Spirit Scholarship is contingent upon first submitting a completed application into the AGSM MBA program . Following receipt of your application, the AGSM Recruitment and Admissions Team, will send you out an Application Form on request. The Form consists of 3 x 250 word short essays to be completed. Timing: Please note that applications for the AGSM MBA Community Spirit Scholarship must be completed and received by AGSM Recruitment & Admissions Team by June 30, 2010 for Round 1 applicants and August 31, 2010 for Round 2 applicants for this scholarship to be considered for the incoming AGSM MBA Class of 2012 (January 2011 intake)....
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