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Case: Group 1 Executive Summary To: Anchel Kumar From: Robert Houston, Chang Lee, Abdul Shire, and Peter Valentine Problem: Lack of communication and overabundance of scepticism in research and development teams. Alternatives 1. Status Quo 2. Time slots allotted to all members with new ideas. 3. Members with ideas should present them with a carefully structured skeleton outline to better illustrate/describe the idea. 4. Implement standardized procedure in presenting ideas. 5. Reward system for amount of good innovative ideas. Facts Considered 1. Chris works for Pear. 2. Pear is an electronics company 3. Method for innovative new products is forming research and development teams comprised of employees from marketing, production and finance (usually one per department) 4. Teams usually work well, although difficulty may arise
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Some members have great new ideas, but have trouble communicating them 6. When communication is poor, other members tend to be sceptical about the ideas 7. Older members discard ideas from new members before the idea is communicated fully 8. Younger members left feeling disgruntled and frustrated 9. Pears research and development severely hampered by 4-8 Recommendation Time slots for members to present ideas should be implemented immediately. To do this a moderator should be present in all research and development meetings to ensure this new procedure is followed. Hopefully we will see better ideas coming from these teams because all ideas are being heard. In the long term the goal is to see better and more innovative products manufactured by the Pears Company....
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