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Case: Group 2 Executive Summary To: Anchel Kumar and Professor Peter Koppel From: Robert Houston, Chang Lee, Abdul Shire, and Peter Valentine Problem: - Weather Factor - Oil Price Change Alternatives 1) Status Quo 2) Produce more all weather and gas efficient products. 3) Focus on jets and trains Facts Considered 1) Michael currently runs the company his grandfather founded. 2) Snowmobiles are the problem due to weather changes and rising gas prices. 3) Motorcycles are doing well, but they have always been specialty bikes, and are
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Unformatted text preview: not really accessible to average consumers. 4) All terrain vehicles are performing well. 5) Michael is considering changing his company’s strategy. Recommendation Completely stop creating recreational products, liquidate assets associated with manufacturing said products and use that money to enhance better performing products and services (i.e. trains and jets)....
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