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Home The word home differs from person to person. One may say a home is a place in which s/he can live in. Another may say it’s their house. To me, the word home is a place I may be able to retreat to in order to attain comfort, relaxation, be able to see my family safe and sound, protect me from harm’s way, etc. My home is my haven from the outside world. It isolates me from the rest of the world. It’s a place where I am most free; a place where you don’t have to think about all the wars, hate, violence, etc. A home is where most of your memories are made. It’s a place in which I know I am surrounded by the people who love me most, my family. Some say that your home is where your heart is. My first home (that I can remember) is back in Saudi Arabia. My family had to run from the war in Iraq so we retreated
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Unformatted text preview: to Saudi Arabia. Our house was made out of mud, not the best of houses but it was enough. There are in, however, unfortunate people who cannot say they have a home, they probably had one, but are now homeless. Those unfortunate people can’t hang a picture on a wall they don’t own. The ideas of the author and that of mine are comparable. The author goes and talks about homeless people -- saying that “one would rather sleep crunched up on a bench then sleep at a shelter, just to avoid conflicts.” I don’t blame them. They probably have more comfort on a bench or in doorways rather than in shelters. I truly do believe that there is no such place as comforting as your home. Home Sweet Home....
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