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1 Types of Sentences Identify the following sentences as (D)eclarative, (In)terrogative, (Im)perative, or (O)ther. 1. The monkey is on the branch. 2. Hello. 3. Coffee loses about 40% of its _avor within three days after it is roasted. 4. Watch out for the angry dog. 5. Where does he get those wonderful toys? 6. Please make your cat stop trying to hump my leg. 7. You ought to watch out for the angry dog. 8. How much did you drink last night? 9. Don't drink the water. 10. The water is poisonous. Provide 5 examples of each sentence type indicated. The examples should be your own. 11. Declarative 12. Interrogative 13. Imperative 14. Other Convert the following imperative sentences into declarative sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Try to enjoy yourself at the party. 16. Eat your broccoli;3[ui. 17. Make your money work for you. 18. Please save the last brownie for Marcus. 19. Don't give him the stick! 20. Open your heart to the truth! 21. Drink at least 8 cups of water each day. 22. Go to the restroom and meet me at the car. 23. Quit complaining and do your chores. 24. Don't bite me! Additional Challenges 25. _This sentence is true_ and _This sentence is false_ are notorious sentences known as the truth-teller and liar, respectively. Are these sentences declarative? Explain your response....
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