why study religion

why study religion - to do in life. It will help us to live...

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Rawaa Alghazali May 20, 2010 Why Study Religion "He who knows only one religion knows none"(Müller). Studying religion helps us to be aware of the many diverse cultures in our interconnected world. Religion gives you the opportunity to explore some of the deepest and most significant ideas and values that have developed in human history. The benefit of the study of religion is that it opens us to the many questions that we have such as how the world came to be, what it means to be human and why were we created. Religion is amongst the greatest to help us answer these questions (Study Religion). “It helps unite us in communities that bring meaning to our lives, it offers us answers to our deepest questions, and it helps give us a sense of our place in the universe”(Molloy pg2). The study of religion helps us to learn how to think critically, listen thoughtfully, speak considerately, and write clearly. All of those skills will be of great use no matter what you go on
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Unformatted text preview: to do in life. It will help us to live and work better in our ever more growing diverse society and global world. Students of religion get to go into careers in many diverse fields including teaching, medicine, law, business and religious professions of various kinds (Study religion). Studying religion will give us a foundation of helping us to work well with others, approach problems from different perspectives and will help us to interact meaningfully with people from different countries and cultures. Being familiar with the religions of others can help raise positive human interactions in society and all over the world. Generally, studying religion opens our eyes and ears to the many varieties of cultures and beliefs that the world has to offer us. Studying Religion, you will always have something interesting to talk to people about. http://www.studyreligion.org/why/index.html http://www.swarthmore.edu/religion.xml...
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why study religion - to do in life. It will help us to live...

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