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Yousif Alghaza19 - Yousif Alghazali Session8 5th hour Group...

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Unformatted text preview: Yousif Alghazali Session8 5th hour 5-3-10 Group B Passage Notes Pgs. 536-537 K r istina is talking about her happy ending where she can’t find a happy ending. She says that being a mother is hard and a lot of work. Her baby cries a lot and does not seem to sleep like newborns should be doing. She describes her mother when she is holding the baby being patient when her cries. K r istina wishes she could do t hat with her baby but she says that she is only 17. She sometimes thinks that she would just want to die or curl up in a ball and roll away. I picked this passage because now know that parenting is a very hard thing to do. A nd that going too fast with life is not such a great idea to do. ...
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