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June 10, 2010 Georgia Institute of Technology ____________________________________ SUMMER SEMESTER, 2010 ____________________________________ PSYCHOLOGY General Psychology NOTE: Answer ALL questions. Each question is worth 2 points. The multiple choice section is worth a total of 90 points and the matching section is worth a total of 10 points. Please answer all questions on the scantron answer sheet provided. Please read the following and if you agree, write and sign your name. Exams will not be graded without your signature. The Honor Code depends for its effectiveness on the individual and collective desire of all members of the community to prevent and deter violations. I understand and accept my responsibility as a member of the Georgia Tech Community to uphold the Honor Code at all times. I agree that I will neither provide nor receive any assistance during this exam and I will not use any materials aside from that provided in the exam. I also agree not to discuss the content of this exam to students that have not yet taken the exam. In addition, I understand my responsibilities and options for reporting honor violations as detailed in the above code. Name: _______________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________
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MULTIPLE CHOICE (Choose the BEST answer) 1. All information in the brain is transmitted via neurons. How do neurons convey intensity information? For example, how might neurons convey the difference between a bright and a dim light? a. Brighter lights will result in a neuron releasing more neurotransmitter and thus evoking a stronger response from the next neuron. b. Brighter lights will result in a stronger electric field potential at the membrane of the neuron. c. Intensity of a neuron’s response is carried by the frequency of firing. d. Light intensity is conveyed by a distinct assembly of neurons. 2. The portion(s) of the neuron that release(s) neurotransmitters into the synapse is(are) called the: a. Axon b. Dendrite c. Terminal Buttons d. Node of Ranvier 3. There are two major findings that point to the ______________ as the neural structure responsible for the storage of memories. First, the case study of H.M. who had this region removed was unable to form new memories. Second, this region appears to be enlarged in London Taxi cab drivers who are required to constantly use spatial memory. a. Amygdala b. Basal ganglia c. Hippocampus d. Cerebral cortex 4. After severing the corpus callosum, a picture of a chair is shown to the left visual field (right hemisphere) of a patient. When asked what she saw, the patient states she saw ____________, and when given a pencil she draws ____________. a.
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Exam+1_final - Georgia Institute of Technology SUMMER...

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