2025-L01su10 - 1 ECE2025 Summer 2010 LECTURE #1...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECE2025 Summer 2010 LECTURE #1 Administrative Details and Introduction to Signals 17 May 10 5/12/2010 3 T-square Point your browser to t-square.gatech.edu Use your GT login and password Everything will be posted on T-square (including this) Things beyond this week are in a state of flux. Post questions to forums - feel free to answer other students questions, but of course dont give away the answer! In particular, dont post code to the board - best to e-mail questions like that to your TA or recitation professor All official announcements will be made in class or on the T-square announcements Check T-square every day for announcements! You will be able to check your grades 5/12/2010 4 LABS and RECITATIONS You MUST go to your assigned lab and recitation If students skip around, it turns into an administrative and assessment nightmare First week is different! First recitations on Wed (L01-02) & Thur (L03-06), May 19 & 20, in Van Leer 361 Nothing more to go to on Mon & Tue first week No lab first week No homework first week For the rest of the semester Recitations on Mon (L01-02) & Tue (L03-06) in Van Leer 361 Labs on Wed (L01-02) & Thur (L03-06) in Klaus 2440 5/12/2010 5 LABS and RECITATIONS Homeworks are due at start of recitation Exception: HW #1 due in lecture on Wed, June 2 (to compensate for Memorial Day no recitations that week) First labs will be on Wed & Thur, May 26-27 Download, print out, and read over lab before coming to lab. Do not wait and print it out in lab or try to read it with Acrobat on the screen - its a mess to switch back and forth between it and MATLAB. You may use your laptop if you prefer. You may do the lab at home and bring it on a memory stick for verification. Lab report for previous weeks lab is due at the start of lab. 2 5/12/2010 6 ADDITIONAL TIME OFF No lectures many Fridays. Check schedule for details. Exceptions are: Lectures: Friday June 4, July 9....
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course ECE 2025 taught by Professor Juang during the Summer '08 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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2025-L01su10 - 1 ECE2025 Summer 2010 LECTURE #1...

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