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Unformatted text preview: GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL of ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING ECE 2025: Introduction to Signal Processing Summer 2010 Course Information (Subject to Revision) Instructor: Prof. Mark A. Clements office: Klaus 2314, Centergy 5226 phone: 404-894-8362, 404-894-4584 e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: immediately after lecture (Klaus 2314) WWW: (use GT login and password) All course handouts will be posted as PDF files. Please check the Announcements section on T-square – all official course announcements will be made there! Also, there is additional procedural information on the website. Please browse it. Text: Signal Processing First by McClellan, Schafer & Yoder Grading: Recitation = 5% (based on ACTIVE participation) Homework = 10% (drop the lowest HW) Lab = 30% (Labs are mandatory, else your grade = F) Quizzes (3 in-lecture) = 30% (dates: Fri 11-Jun-10, Fri 2-Jul-10, and Fri 16-Jul-10) Final = 25% (tentatively 11:30-14:20, Mon, 2-Aug-10) We also reserve the right to give small, unannounced quizzes in lecture, that would probably be worth a few percentage points of the grade, with the other percentages modified accordingly. Such quizzes are more likely to occur if we observe that lecture attendence is significantly dropping. Letter grade breakdown: 90%-100%=A; 80%-89%=B; 65%-79%=C; 64% or below =something else. Academic Honesty: All violations of the Georgia Tech Honor Code will be handled by referring the case directly to the Dean of Students for penalties. Past infractions have included cheating on tests, copying lab reports, copying homeworks, and forging TA signatures. Writing up cheating cases for the Dean is the one part of our job we hate the most. DON’T TAKE CHANCES. IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Recitations: Recitations are held once per week in room Van Leer 361. You must attend your assigned section, since the lab and recitation are coupled. In addition, your recitation instructor will contribute to your grade based on class participation. Although we will not have lab the first week of class, you will have recitation the first week of class....
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course ECE 2025 taught by Professor Juang during the Summer '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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