Celebration 1 Concept Review

Celebration 1 Concept Review - SBU’s BCG Grid(market...

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CONCEPT REVIEW EXAM #1 - CHAPTERS 1-4 marketing mix marketing strategy marketing target market 4 p's promotion (sales promotion, advertising, personal selling, public relations) distribution price product (service, idea good) marketing concept relationship marketing marketing concept evolution production era sales era marketing environment competitive environment socio-culture environment technological environment economic environment environmental scanning environmental analysis marketing strategy mission statement marketing plan
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Unformatted text preview: SBU’s BCG Grid (market share. market growth) cash cow (examples) star question mark ethics social responsibility green marketing cause-related marketing code of ethics ways to improve ethic behavior 3 factors influence ethical decisions – individual, opportunity, organizational criticisms of marketing (people do things they don't want to do, materialism, misleading ads) importance of marketing (high cost .50 of every dollar is marketing) (1/3 jobs are marketing)...
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