Concept _4MSU 2010-15,16,17 - Agents Brokers Merchant...

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MSU 2010 CONCEPT REVIEW EXAM #4 - CHAPTERS 15, 16 & 17 Notes from Global Supply Channel Video Three major market levels coverage of Intensity (Intensive, selective, exclusive) Channel of Distribution (Defined) Channel Leadership (captain) Vertical Channel Integration Horizontal Channel Integration Channel Cooperation Channel Conflict Legal Issues in Channel Management (dual distribution, restricted sales territories, tying agreements, exclusive dealing, refusal to deal) Efficiency in Exchanges Provided by Intermediary -model with 4 producers, 1 intermediary, 4 buyers versus 4 producers and 4 buyers Supply Chain Management definition and key tasks Marketing Channel Marketing Intermediary (all activities provided) Major wholesaling functions (def of wholesaler) Transportation Modes (air, trucks, rail, pipelines, waterways and their characteristics) Logistics Reverse Logistics
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Unformatted text preview: Agents Brokers Merchant Wholesalers (full-service and limited-service) Physical Distribution (definition and objectives) Dual Distribution (definition and advantages and disadvantages) Industrial Distribution Outsourcing Cycle Time Order Processing Reorder Point, Order Lead Time, Usage Rate, Safety Stock Warehousing Retailing and Major Types of Retailers Specialty Retailers (off-price, category killers) Direct Marketing Non-store Retailing Direct response Marketing (examples) Telemarketing Online Marketing Television Home Marketing Direct Selling Automatic Vending (advantages-disadvantages) Franchising (Definition, advantages and disadvantages) Store Image and Atmospherics Anchor Store Scrambled Merchandising (examples and objectives) E-Marketing (I will go over some key points about web sites) E-Marketing Characteristics (accessibility, control, digitalization, memory)...
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Concept _4MSU 2010-15,16,17 - Agents Brokers Merchant...

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